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     {% menu_item "/foo/" "Foo" %}
     {% menu_item "/bar/" "Bar" %}
-    {% menu_item "" "Baz" %}
 If we were viewing ``/foo/``, this renders to:
     <a class="active" href="/foo/">Foo</a>
     <a href="/bar/">Bar</a>
-    <a href="">Baz</a>
 Using the standard template. If you want, you can override the
 ``menus/item.html`` template to change the display format.
-1.0.8 - Allow for absolute urls, ie, pointing to another server. We never
-try to validate these for permission to view, it is assumed the user can.
 1.0.7 - Change how version number is stored. Include a new li-item.html
 template, and refactor how the template is found. Check func\_code
 exists before accessing it. Refactor some of the handling of paths.