django-menus /

from distutils.core import setup

import menus

# Not sure of a better way to automatically generate this file.
# It needs to happen before setup() is called to ensure that
# long_description is set.
    import subprocess["pandoc", "", '-t', 'rst', '-o', 'README.rst'])
except (OSError, IOError):
    name = "django-menus",
    version = menus.__version__,
    description = "Menu helpers for django projects",
    url = "",
    author = "Matthew Schinckel",
    author_email = "",
    packages = [
    package_data = {
        "menus": [
    long_description = open("README.rst").read(),
    classifiers = [
        'Programming Language :: Python',
        'License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License',
        'Operating System :: OS Independent',
        'Framework :: Django',
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