Matthew Schinckel committed fe3e7dd

Added (rudimentary) support for collection+json

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-import json, post_encoded, html, xml_serialiser, yaml
+import json, post_encoded, html, xml_serialiser, yaml, collection_json
 from base import get_incoming_content_type, get_preferred_content_type
 from registry import register, unregister, get_serializer


+from django.conf import settings
+from django.utils import simplejson
+from base import BaseSerializer, pre_serialize_form
+from json import default
+from registry import register
+class CollectionJSON(BaseSerializer):
+    content_type = "application/vnd.collection+json"
+    def serialize(self, form=None, request=None, response=None, **kwargs):
+        data = pre_serialize_form(form)
+        kwargs.pop('template_name', None)
+        if settings.DEBUG:
+            kwargs['indent'] = 2
+        data = {
+            "collection": {
+                "href": "...",
+                "links": [],
+                "items": data,
+                "queries": [],
+                "template": [],
+                "error": {}
+            }
+        }
+        return simplejson.dumps(data, default=default, **kwargs)
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