Matthew Schinckel avatar Matthew Schinckel committed 4991f87

Clickatell will ping with an empty request on callback URL change.
This can be caught early, and just return OK.

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     name = "django-sms-gateway",
-    version = "0.1",
+    version = "0.1.1",
     description = "django generic sms through gateway",
     url = "",
     author = "Matthew Schinckel",
 def update_delivery_status(request):
     logger.debug("Status update received. %s" % request.GET)
+    # If this request was 'empty', it was a ping test by the server.
+    if not request.GET:
+        return HttpResponse("OK")
     data = {}
     for k,v in request.GET.items():
         if isinstance(v, list) and len(v) == 1:
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