1. Matthew Schinckel
  2. django-sms-gateway


django-sms-gateway / sms / tasks.py

from celery.task import Task

import logging

from sms.models import Message, Gateway

class SendMessage(Task):
    max_retries = 10
    default_retry_delay = 3
    def run(self, message_id, gateway_id=None, **kwargs):
        logging.debug("About to send a message.")
        # Because we don't always have control over transactions
        # in our calling code, we will retry up to 10 times, every 3
        # seconds, in order to try to allow for the commit to the database
        # to finish. That gives the server 30 seconds to write all of
        # the data to the database, and finish the view.
            message = Message.objects.get(pk=message_id)
        except Exception as exc:
            raise SendMessage.retry(exc=exc)
        if not gateway_id:
            if hasattr(message.billee, 'sms_gateway'):
                gateway = message.billee.sms_gateway
                gateway = Gateway.objects.all()[0]
            gateway = Gateway.objects.get(pk=gateway_id)
        response = gateway._send(message)
        logging.debug("Done sending message.")