Update Manager

Update Manager is a pluggable/reusable django app that allows for managing release versions, and which users should update to which version, of external software.

It was developed for use by the ROSS System, which uses a django-based backend, but could be used by any system.

Update Manager does not update django, or any django apps.




Install using pip or

Put update_manager into your settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

Add to your project.urls:

url(r'^updates/', include('update_manager.urls')),


Create a Software Package using the admin interface.

Create one or more Update Groups.

Create a Release Version each time your software is updated.

Mark which Update Groups should use this Release Version.

Next time a user hits the url /updates/check/, with the data:

name=<Software Package Name>
installed=<Installed Version Number>

They will get a redirect to a Location with the new software if their installation requires an upgrade, according to their upgrade group.