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Update readme and for release.

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 The following arguments can be passed to the UUIDField:
   * ``auto`` - a boolean value as to if values should be generated
-    automatically.
+    automatically. These values are created using uuid.uuid4().
+0.6.5: Remove the creation of a "default" in a south migration when it has been set.
+       See
 0.6.4: Raise a ValidationError on a badly formed UUID string, rather than ValueError, in ``UUIDField.clean``.
 0.6.1: Treat the deprecation warning from django 1.3+
     name = "django-uuidfield-2",
-    version = "0.6.4",
+    version = "0.6.5",
     description = "UUIDField for django models",
     url = "",
     author = "Matthew Schinckel",
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