Matthew Schinckel  committed f1685cc

Fixes export_rev and url_for_export now that I figured out what they actually do.

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     svnTmpPath = os.tmpnam()
-    p = Popen([hgPath(), "show", "%s:%s" % (rev, exportURL)], bufsize=4096, stdout=PIPE, 
+    p = Popen([hgPath(), "cat", "-r", "%s" % (rev), arg0], bufsize=4096, stdout=PIPE, 
         stderr=PIPE, close_fds=True, cwd=repositoryPath(arg0))
     child_stdout = p.stdout
     child_stderr = p.stderr
     """ tests to see if arg0 is under SCM, prints a plist containing TRUE if it does, FALSE 
         if it does not
+    arg0 = os.path.abspath(arg0)
     hgReposPath = repositoryPath(arg0)
     commonPath = os.path.commonprefix([hgReposPath, arg0])