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Better (correct, actually) movement from week to week

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     var d = new Date();
     var date = isoDate.split('-');
-    d.setMonth(date[1]);
+    d.setMonth(date[1]-1);
     return d;
   function nextMonth(e) {
     // Go to the next month.
     var date = parseDate(dp.attr('date'));
-    date.setMonth(date.getMonth()-1);
+    date.setDate(1);
+    date.setMonth(date.getMonth()+1);
     dp.attr('date', date.toISOString().split('T')[0]);
   function prevMonth(e) {
     // Go to the previous month.
     var date = parseDate(dp.attr('date'));
-    date.setMonth(date.getMonth()+1);
+    date.setDate(1);
+    date.setMonth(date.getMonth()-1);
     dp.attr('date', date.toISOString().split('T')[0]);
     %h3 Datepicker
     %h2 Datepicker fields
+      input type=date
+      %br
     <input placeholder='Enter website address' type='url' />
     <h2>Datepicker fields</h2>
-    <input type='date' />
+    <input type='date'>
+      input type=date
+      <br />
+    </input>
     <input type='month' />
     <input type='week' />
     <input type='time' />
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