Matthew Schinckel  committed 30efe56

Allow for segmented-button to have <a> elements inside it, too.

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File src/sass/koui/_base_buttons.sass

   +background(linear-gradient($button-bg-gradient-start, $button-bg-gradient-finish))
   border: 1px solid $button-fg*1.75
+  text-decoration: none
   color: $button-fg
   padding: 5px 24px
     bottom: 3px
     width: 0px
     height: 0px
     display: none
-  label
+  label, a
     padding: 6px 32px
     margin-right: -5px
-  input:checked + label, label.selected
+  input:checked + label, label.selected, a.selected,
-  input:disabled + label
+  input:disabled + label, a.disabled
-  input:first-child + label, label.first
+  input:first-child + label, label.first, a.first, a:first-child
-  label:last-child, label.last
+  label:last-child, label.last, a.last, a:last-child