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Ian Bicking  committed 5453e60

always install python-software-properties

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File silverlining/server-sync-scripts/dpkg-query.txt

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 varnish 2.0.5-1
 xml-core	0.12
 zip	2.32-1

File silversupport/service/mongodb.py

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         #WARNING, this will only work on ubuntu 9.10
         #since we don't have official ubuntu packages we use 10gen's PPA
-        #needed for add-apt-repository, perhaps we should just implement a command to append:
-        apt_install(['python-software-properties'])
         #FIXME, add-apt-repository will duplicate if run twice:
         run(['add-apt-repository', "deb http://downloads.mongodb.org/distros/ubuntu 9.10 10gen"])
         run(['apt-get', 'update'])