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 cleans up it will clean up all the data left in the locals for this
+.. autofunction:: release_local
 .. autoclass:: LocalManager
    :members: cleanup, make_middleware, middleware, get_ident
+.. autoclass:: LocalStack
+   :members: stack, push, pop, top
 .. autoclass:: LocalProxy
    :members: _get_current_object


     def stack(self):
+        """The current context's stack as list"""
             rv = getattr(self._local, 'stack', None)
     def push(self, obj):
+        """Pushes a new item to the stack"""
     def pop(self):
+        """Removes the topmost item from the stack, will return the
+        old value or `None` if the stack was already empty.
+        """
             return self.stack.pop()
         except IndexError:
     def top(self):
+        """The topmost item on the stack.  If the stack is empty,
+        `None` is returned.
+        """
             return self.stack[-1]
         except IndexError:
             raise RuntimeError('no object bound to %s' % self.__name__)
     __current_object = property(_get_current_object)
+    @property
     def __dict__(self):
             return self.__current_object.__dict__
         except RuntimeError:
             return AttributeError('__dict__')
-    __dict__ = property(__dict__)
     def __repr__(self):
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