Christopher Grebs  committed c218a89

fixed #499

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   (should no be more stable under high concurrency)
 - fixed a `NameError` in the session system.
 - fixed a bug with empty arguments in the werkzeug.script system.
+- fixed a bug where log lines will be duplicated if an application uses
+  :meth:`logging.basicConfig` (#499)
 Version 0.6

File werkzeug/

     if _logger is None:
         import logging
         _logger = logging.getLogger('werkzeug')
-        if _logger.level == logging.NOTSET:
+        # Only set up a default log handler if the
+        # end-user application didn't set anything up.
+        if not logging.root.handlers and _logger.level == logging.NOTSET:
             handler = logging.StreamHandler()