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File docs/deployment/cgi.rst

 If all other deployment methods do not work, CGI will work for sure.  CGI
-is supported by all major browsers but usually has a less-than-optimal
+is supported by all major servers but usually has a less-than-optimal
 This is also the way you can use a Werkzeug application on Google's
 .. sourcecode:: apache
-    ScriptName /app /path/to/the/application.cgi
+    ScriptAlias /app /path/to/the/application.cgi
 For more information consult the documentation of your webserver.

File docs/routing.rst

 .. autoclass:: Map
+   .. attribute:: converters
+      The dictionary of converters.  This can be modified after the class
+      was created, but will only affect rules added after the
+      modification.  If the rules are defined with the list passed to the
+      class, the `converters` parameter to the constructor has to be used
+      instead.
 .. autoclass:: MapAdapter