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Werkzeug Changelog

Version 1.0
(first 1.0 release, release date to be announced)

Version 0.6.2
(bugfix release, released on April 23th 2010)

- renamed the attribute `implicit_seqence_conversion` attribute of the
  request object to `implicit_sequence_conversion`.

Version 0.6.1
(bugfix release, released on April 13th 2010)

- heavily improved local objects.  Should pick up standalone greenlet
  builds now and support proxies to free callables as well.  There is
  also a stacked local now that makes it possible to invoke the same
  application from within itself by pushing current request/response
  on top of the stack.
- routing build method will also build non-default method rules properly
  if no method is provided.
- added proper IPv6 support for the builtin server.
- windows specific filesystem session store fixes.
  (should no be more stable under high concurrency)
- fixed a `NameError` in the session system.
- fixed a bug with empty arguments in the werkzeug.script system.
- fixed a bug where log lines will be duplicated if an application uses
  :meth:`logging.basicConfig` (#499)
- added secure password hashing and checking functions.
- `HEAD` is now implicitly added as method in the routing system if
  `GET` is present.  Not doing that was considered a bug because often
  code assumed that this is the case and in web servers that do not
  normalize `HEAD` to `GET` this could break `HEAD` requests.
- the script support can start SSL servers now.

Version 0.6
(codename Hammer, released on Feb 19th 2010)

- removed pending deprecations
- sys.path is now printed from the testapp.
- fixed an RFC 2068 incompatibility with cookie value quoting.
- the :class:`FileStorage` now gives access to the multipart headers.
- `cached_property.writeable` has been deprecated.
- :meth:`MapAdapter.match` now accepts a `return_rule` keyword argument
  that returns the matched `Rule` instead of just the `endpoint`
- :meth:`routing.Map.bind_to_environ` raises a more correct error message
  now if the map was bound to an invalid WSGI environment.
- added support for SSL to the builtin development server.
- Response objects are no longer modified in place when they are evaluated
  as WSGI applications.  For backwards compatibility the `fix_headers`
  function is still called in case it was overridden.
  You should however change your application to use `get_wsgi_headers` if
  you need header modifications before responses are sent as the backwards
  compatibility support will go away in future versions.
- :func:`append_slash_redirect` no longer requires the QUERY_STRING to be
  in the WSGI environment.
- added :class:`~werkzeug.contrib.wrappers.DynamicCharsetResponseMixin`
- added :class:`~werkzeug.contrib.wrappers.DynamicCharsetRequestMixin`
- added :attr:`BaseRequest.url_charset`
- request and response objects have a default `__repr__` now.
- builtin data structures can be pickled now.
- the form data parser will now look at the filename instead the
  content type to figure out if it should treat the upload as regular
  form data or file upload.  This fixes a bug with Google Chrome.
- improved performance of `make_line_iter` and the multipart parser
  for binary uploads.
- fixed :attr:`~werkzeug.BaseResponse.is_streamed`
- fixed a path quoting bug in `EnvironBuilder` that caused PATH_INFO and
  SCRIPT_NAME to end up in the environ unquoted.
- :meth:`werkzeug.BaseResponse.freeze` now sets the content length.
- for unknown HTTP methods the request stream is now always limited
  instead of being empty.  This makes it easier to implement DAV
  and other protocols on top of Werkzeug.
- added :meth:`werkzeug.MIMEAccept.best_match`
- multi-value test-client posts from a standard dictionary are now
  supported.  Previously you had to use a multi dict.
- rule templates properly work with submounts, subdomains and
  other rule factories now.
- deprecated non-silent usage of the :class:`werkzeug.LimitedStream`.
- added support for IRI handling to many parts of Werkzeug.
- development server properly logs to the werkzeug logger now.
- added :func:`werkzeug.extract_path_info`
- fixed a querystring quoting bug in :func:`url_fix`
- added `fallback_mimetype` to :class:`werkzeug.SharedDataMiddleware`.
- deprecated :meth:`BaseResponse.iter_encoded`'s charset parameter.
- added :meth:`BaseResponse.make_sequence`,
  :attr:`BaseResponse.is_sequence` and
- added better __repr__ of :class:`werkzeug.Map`
- `import_string` accepts unicode strings as well now.
- development server doesn't break on double slashes after the host name.
- better `__repr__` and `__str__` of
- test client works correctly with multiple cookies now.
- the :class:`werkzeug.routing.Map` now has a class attribute with
  the default converter mapping.  This helps subclasses to override
  the converters without passing them to the constructor.
- implemented :class:`OrderedMultiDict`
- improved the session support for more efficient session storing
  on the filesystem.  Also added support for listing of sessions
  currently stored in the filesystem session store.
- werkzeug no longer utilizes the Python time module for parsing
  which means that dates in a broader range can be parsed.
- the wrappers have no class attributes that make it possible to
  swap out the dict and list types it uses.
- werkzeug debugger should work on the appengine dev server now.
- the URL builder supports dropping of unexpected arguments now.
  Previously they were always appended to the URL as query string.
- profiler now writes to the correct stream.

Version 0.5.1
(bugfix release for 0.5, released on July 9th 2009)

- fixed boolean check of :class:`FileStorage`
- url routing system properly supports unicode URL rules now.
- file upload streams no longer have to provide a truncate()
- implemented :meth:`BaseRequest._form_parsing_failed`.
- fixed #394 
- :meth:`ImmutableDict.copy`, :meth:`ImmutableMultiDict.copy` and
  :meth:`ImmutableTypeConversionDict.copy` return mutable shallow
- fixed a bug with the `make_runserver` script action.
- :meth:`MultiDict.items` and :meth:`MutiDict.iteritems` now accept an
  argument to return a pair for each value of each key.
- the multipart parser works better with hand-crafted multipart
  requests now that have extra newlines added.  This fixes a bug
  with setuptools uploades not handled properly (#390)
- fixed some minor bugs in the atom feed generator.
- fixed a bug with client cookie header parsing being case sensitive.
- fixed a not-working deprecation warning.
- fixed package loading for :class:`SharedDataMiddleware`.
- fixed a bug in the secure cookie that made server-side expiration
  on servers with a local time that was not set to UTC impossible.
- fixed console of the interactive debugger.

Version 0.5
(codename Schlagbohrer, released on April 24th 2009)

- requires Python 2.4 now
- fixed a bug in :class:`~contrib.IterIO`
- added :class:`MIMEAccept` and :class:`CharsetAccept` that work like the
  regular :class:`Accept` but have extra special normalization for mimetypes
  and charsets and extra convenience methods.
- switched the serving system from wsgiref to something homebrew.
- the :class:`Client` now supports cookies.
- added the :mod:`~werkzeug.contrib.fixers` module with various
  fixes for webserver bugs and hosting setup side-effects.
- added :mod:`werkzeug.contrib.wrappers`
- added :func:`is_hop_by_hop_header`
- added :func:`is_entity_header`
- added :func:`remove_hop_by_hop_headers`
- added :func:`pop_path_info`
- added :func:`peek_path_info`
- added :func:`wrap_file` and :class:`FileWrapper`
- moved `LimitedStream` from the contrib package into the regular
  werkzeug one and changed the default behavior to raise exceptions
  rather than stopping without warning.  The old class will stick in
  the module until 0.6.
- implemented experimental multipart parser that replaces the old CGI hack.
- added :func:`dump_options_header` and :func:`parse_options_header`
- added :func:`quote_header_value` and :func:`unquote_header_value`
- :func:`url_encode` and :func:`url_decode` now accept a separator
  argument to switch between `&` and `;` as pair separator.  The magic
  switch is no longer in place.
- all form data parsing functions as well as the :class:`BaseRequest`
  object have parameters (or attributes) to limit the number of
  incoming bytes (either totally or per field).
- added :class:`LanguageAccept`
- request objects are now enforced to be read only for all collections.
- added many new collection classes, refactored collections in general.
- test support was refactored, semi-undocumented `werkzeug.test.File`
  was replaced by :class:`werkzeug.FileStorage`.
- :class:`EnvironBuilder` was added and unifies the previous distinct
  :func:`create_environ`, :class:`Client` and
  :meth:`BaseRequest.from_values`.  They all work the same now which
  is less confusing.
- officially documented imports from the internal modules as undefined
  behavior.  These modules were never exposed as public interfaces.
- removed `FileStorage.__len__` which previously made the object
  falsy for browsers not sending the content length which all browsers
- :class:`SharedDataMiddleware` uses `wrap_file` now and has a
  configurable cache timeout.
- added :class:`CommonRequestDescriptorsMixin`
- added :attr:`CommonResponseDescriptorsMixin.mimetype_params`
- added :mod:`werkzeug.contrib.lint`
- added `passthrough_errors` to `run_simple`.
- added `secure_filename`
- added :func:`make_line_iter` 
- :class:`MultiDict` copies now instead of revealing internal
  lists to the caller for `getlist` and iteration functions that
  return lists.
- added :attr:`follow_redirect` to the :func:`open` of :class:`Client`.
- added support for `extra_files` in

Version 0.4.1
(Bugfix release, released on January 11th 2009)

- `werkzeug.contrib.cache.Memcached` accepts now objects that
  implement the memcache.Client interface as alternative to a list of
  strings with server addresses.
  There is also now a `GAEMemcachedCache` that connects to the Google
  appengine cache.
- explicitly convert secret keys to bytestrings now because Python
  2.6 no longer does that.
- `url_encode` and all interfaces that call it, support ordering of
  options now which however is disabled by default.
- the development server no longer resolves the addresses of clients.
- Fixed a typo in `werkzeug.test` that broke `File`.
- `Map.bind_to_environ` uses the `Host` header now if available.
- Fixed `BaseCache.get_dict` (#345)
- `werkzeug.test.Client` can now run the application buffered in which
  case the application is properly closed automatically.
- Fixed `Headers.set` (#354).  Caused header duplication before.
- Fixed `Headers.pop` (#349).  default parameter was not properly
- Fixed UnboundLocalError in `create_environ` (#351)
- `Headers` is more compatible with wsgiref now.
- `Template.render` accepts multidicts now.
- dropped support for Python 2.3

Version 0.4
(codename Schraubenzieher, released on November 23rd 2008)

- `Client` supports an empty `data` argument now.
- fixed a bug in `Response.application` that made it impossible to use it
  as method decorator.
- the session system should work on appengine now
- the secure cookie works properly in load balanced environments with
  different cpu architectures now.
- `CacheControl.no_cache` and `CacheControl.private` behavior changed to
  reflect the possibilities of the HTTP RFC.  Setting these attributes to
  `None` or `True` now sets the value to "the empty value".
  More details in the documentation.
- fixed `werkzeug.contrib.atom.AtomFeed.__call__`. (#338)
- `BaseResponse.make_conditional` now always returns `self`.  Previously
  it didn't for post requests and such.
- fixed a bug in boolean attribute handling of `html` and `xhtml`.
- added graceful error handling to the debugger pastebin feature.
- added a more list like interface to `Headers` (slicing and indexing
  works now)
- fixed a bug with the `__setitem__` method of `Headers` that didn't
  properly remove all keys on replacing.
- added `remove_entity_headers` which removes all entity headers from
  a list of headers (or a `Headers` object)
- the responses now automatically call `remove_entity_headers` if the
  status code is 304.
- fixed a bug with `Href` query parameter handling.  Previously the last
  item of a call to `Href` was not handled properly if it was a dict.
- headers now support a `pop` operation to better work with environ

Version 0.3.1
(released on June 24th 2008)

- fixed a security problem with `werkzeug.contrib.SecureCookie`.
  More details available in the `release announcement`_.

.. _release announcement: http://lucumr.pocoo.org/cogitations/2008/06/24/werkzeug-031-released/

Version 0.3
(codename EUR325CAT6, released on June 14th 2008)

- added support for redirecting in url routing.
- added `Authorization` and `AuthorizationMixin`
- added `WWWAuthenticate` and `WWWAuthenticateMixin`
- added `parse_list_header`
- added `parse_dict_header`
- added `parse_authorization_header`
- added `parse_www_authenticate_header`
- added `_get_current_object` method to `LocalProxy` objects
- added `parse_form_data`
- `MultiDict`, `CombinedMultiDict`, `Headers`, and `EnvironHeaders` raise
  special key errors now that are subclasses of `BadRequest` so if you
  don't catch them they give meaningful HTTP responses.
- added support for alternative encoding error handling and the new
  `HTTPUnicodeError` which (if not caught) behaves like a `BadRequest`.
- added `BadRequest.wrap`.
- added ETag support to the SharedDataMiddleware and added an option
  to disable caching.
- fixed `is_xhr` on the request objects.
- fixed error handling of the url adapter's `dispatch` method. (#318)
- fixed bug with `SharedDataMiddleware`.
- fixed `Accept.values`.
- `EnvironHeaders` contain content-type and content-length now
- `url_encode` treats lists and tuples in dicts passed to it as multiple
  values for the same key so that one doesn't have to pass a `MultiDict`
  to the function.
- added `validate_arguments`
- added `BaseRequest.application`
- improved Python 2.3 support
- `run_simple` accepts `use_debugger` and `use_evalex` parameters now,
  like the `make_runserver` factory function from the script module.
- the `environ_property` is now read-only by default
- it's now possible to initialize requests as "shallow" requests which
  causes runtime errors if the request object tries to consume the
  input stream.

Version 0.2
(codename Faustkeil, released Feb 14th 2008)

- Added `AnyConverter` to the routing system.
- Added `werkzeug.contrib.securecookie`
- Exceptions have a ``get_response()`` method that return a response object
- fixed the path ordering bug (#293), thanks Thomas Johansson
- `BaseReporterStream` is now part of the werkzeug contrib module.  From
  Werkzeug 0.3 onwards you will have to import it from there.
- added `DispatcherMiddleware`.
- `RequestRedirect` is now a subclass of `HTTPException` and uses a
  301 status code instead of 302.
- `url_encode` and `url_decode` can optionally treat keys as unicode strings
  now, too.
- `werkzeug.script` has a different caller format for boolean arguments now.
- renamed `lazy_property` to `cached_property`.
- added `import_string`.
- added is_* properties to request objects.
- added `empty()` method to routing rules.
- added `werkzeug.contrib.profiler`.
- added `extends` to `Headers`.
- added `dump_cookie` and `parse_cookie`.
- added `as_tuple` to the `Client`.
- added `werkzeug.contrib.testtools`.
- added `werkzeug.unescape`
- added `BaseResponse.freeze`
- added `werkzeug.contrib.atom`
- the HTTPExceptions accept an argument `description` now which overrides the
  default description.
- the `MapAdapter` has a default for path info now.  If you use
  `bind_to_environ` you don't have to pass the path later.
- the wsgiref subclass werkzeug uses for the dev server does not use direct
  sys.stderr logging any more but a logger called "werkzeug".
- implemented `Href`.
- implemented `find_modules`
- refactored request and response objects into base objects, mixins and
  full featured subclasses that implement all mixins.
- added simple user agent parser
- werkzeug's routing raises `MethodNotAllowed` now if it matches a
  rule but for a different method.
- many fixes and small improvements

Version 0.1
(codename Wictorinoxger, released Dec 9th 2007)

- Initial release