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Werkzeug Changelog

Version 0.3
(codename to be selected, release date somewhere around May 2008)

- added support for redirecting in url routing.
- added `Authorization` and `AuthorizationMixin`
- added `WWWAuthenticate` and `WWWAuthenticateMixin`
- added `parse_list_header`
- added `parse_dict_header`
- added `parse_authorization_header`
- added `parse_www_authenticate_header`
- added `_get_current_object` method to `LocalProxy` objects
- added `parse_form_data`
- `MultiDict`, `CombinedMultiDict`, `Headers`, and `EnvironHeaders` raise
  special key errors now that are subclasses of `BadRequest` so if you
  don't catch them they give meaningful HTTP responses.
- added support for alternative encoding error handling and the new
  `HTTPUnicodeError` which (if not cought) behaves like a `BadRequest`.
- adde `BadRequest.wrap`.
- added ETag-support to the SharedDataMiddleware and added an option
  to disable caching.
- fixed `is_xhr` on the request objects.
- fixed error handling of the url adapter's `dispatch` method. (#318)
- fixed bug with `SharedDataMiddleware`.
- fixed `Accept.values`.
- `EnvironHeaders` contain content-type and content-length now
- `url_encode` treats lists and tuples in dicts passed to it as multiple
  values for the same key so that one doesn't have to pass a `MultiDict`
  to the function.
- added `validate_arguments`
- added `BaseRequest.application`
- improved Python 2.3 support
- `run_simple` accepts `use_debugger` and `use_evalex` parameters now,
  like the `make_runserver` factory function from the script module.
- the `environ_property` is now read only by default
- it's now possible to initialize requests as "shallow" requests which
  causes runtime errors if the request object tries to consume the
  input stream.

Version 0.2
(codename Faustkeil, released Feb 14th 2008)

- Added `AnyConverter` to the routing system.
- Added `werkzeug.contrib.securecookie`
- Exceptions have a ``get_response()`` method that return a response object
- fixed the path ordering bug (#293), thanks Thomas Johansson
- `BaseReporterStream` is now part of the werkzeug contrib module.  With
  Werkzeug 0.3 onwards you will have to import it from there.
- added `DispatcherMiddleware`.
- `RequestRedirect` is now a subclass of `HTTPException` and uses a
  301 status code instead of 302.
- `url_encode` and `url_decode` can optionally treat keys as unicode strings
  now too.
- `werkzeug.script` has a different caller format for boolean arguments now.
- renamed `lazy_property` to `cached_property`.
- added `import_string`.
- added is_* properties to request objects.
- added `empty()` method to routing rules.
- added `werkzeug.contrib.profiler`.
- added `extends` to `Headers`.
- added `dump_cookie` and `parse_cookie`.
- added `as_tuple` to the `Client`.
- added `werkzeug.contrib.testtools`.
- added `werkzeug.unescape`
- added `BaseResponse.freeze`
- added `werkzeug.contrib.atom`
- the HTTPExceptions accept an argument `description` now which overrides the
  default description.
- the `MapAdapter` has a default for path info now.  If you use
  `bind_to_environ` you don't have to pass the path later.
- the wsgiref subclass werkzeug uses for the dev server does not use direct
  sys.stderr logging any more but a logger called "werkzeug".
- implemented `Href`.
- implemented `find_modules`
- refactored request and response objects into base objects, mixins and
  full featured subclasses that implement all mixins.
- added simple user agent parser
- werkzeug's routing raises `MethodNotAllowed` now if it matches a
  rule but for a different method.
- many fixes and small improvements

Version 0.1
(codename Wictorinoxger, released Dec 9th 2007)

- Initial release