Dmitry Shachnev committed 5c95683

Use sphinx.util.compat.docutils_version, as suggested by Georg Brandl

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 from docutils import nodes
-from docutils import __version__ as docutils_version
     from docutils.writers.manpage import MACRO_DEF, Writer, \
          Translator as BaseTranslator
 from sphinx import addnodes
 from sphinx.locale import admonitionlabels, _
 from sphinx.util.osutil import ustrftime
-from distutils.version import LooseVersion
+from sphinx.util.compat import docutils_version
 class ManualPageWriter(Writer):
         self._docinfo['manual_group'] = builder.config.project
         # In docutils < 0.11 self.append_header() was never called
-        if LooseVersion(docutils_version) < LooseVersion('0.11'):
+        if docutils_version < (0, 11):
         # Overwrite admonition label translations with our own
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