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repotreeitem: Handle all exceptions that may happen during
appendSubrepos (closes #1175)

We want to handle all exception that may happen while the reporegistry
is loading
the subrepos, because otherwise THG may not load at all.

Some expected exceptions are silently handled, marking the corresopnding repo
and/or subrepos as invalid. For all other exceptions we show a warning message
to the user, and we let him continue or abort, in which case the exception is
re-raised, so that we get the full exception error dialog.

Note that #1175 is marked as a duplicate of #995 on bitbucket, but these two
issues are totally unrelated.

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                 sri._valid = False
+        except Exception, e:
+            # If any other sort of exception happens, show the corresponding
+            # error message, but do not crash!
+            # Note that we _also_ will mark the offending repos as invalid
+            # It is unfortunate that Python 2.4, which we target does not
+            # support combined try/except/finally clauses, forcing us
+            # to duplicate some code here
+            self._valid = False
+            if sri:
+                sri._valid = False
+                invalidRepoList.append(abssubpath)
+            invalidRepoList.append(self._root)
+            # Show a warning message indicating that there was an error
+            if repo:
+                rootpath = repo.root
+            else:
+                rootpath = self._root
+            warningMessage = (_('An exception happened while loading the ' \
+                'subrepos of:<br><br>"%s"<br><br>') + \
+                _('The exception error message was:<br><br>%s<br><br>') +\
+                _('Click OK to continue or Abort to exit.')) \
+                % (rootpath, e.message)
+            res = qtlib.WarningMsgBox(_('Error loading subrepos'),
+                                warningMessage,
+                                buttons = QMessageBox.Ok | QMessageBox.Abort)
+            # Let the user abort so that he gets the full exception info
+            if res == QMessageBox.Abort:
+                raise
         return invalidRepoList
     def setActive(self, sel):