Author: Julian Habrock
Date: January 2, 2012
Description:This code allows you to play the game Neverball with kinect, the 3d motion sensor by Microsoft.



download and install OpenNI, NiTE and SensorKinect (the kinect driver for OpenNI) as explained in the readme of

then checkout a recent trunk version from the neverball svn:

$> svn checkout neverball

checkout this project:

$> hg clone

copy the files into the neverball repo:

$> cp neverkinect/* neverball/ -r

compile with kinect support:

$> make ENABLE_TILT=kinect

Windows / Mac / ???

currently not supported, but as both neverball and OpenNI run on these systems, it should be easy to modify the makefile and get it running. (patches welcome!)


  • you (may) need to edit


    and change line 147 from

    struct timespec tStartTime;


    struct timespec {} tStartTime;
  • also, (depending on your version of cc(?)) you may need to move the definition of XnModuleExportedProductionNodeInterface from /usr/include/ni/XnModuleInterface.h to /usr/include/ni/XnTypes.h to avoid its forward declaration in XnTypes.h (l. 249)