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Improving pygame documentation


Because (I think) the current documentation has some disadvantages:

  • obscure, undocumented, self-made documentation system
  • no easy, powerful and secure markup
  • documentation can not be / is not improved by the community
  • the workaround for this, comments inside the documentation, does not work well:
    • comments consist of
      • some essential notes
      • some useful examples (-> documentation )
      • some (a lot of?) Spam / annoying content
    • only available on the website, not in local copies etc.
    • lot of work to merge useful comments into real documentation and delete the useless -> difficult to maintain
  • messy output, no option to change
    • style
    • structure
    • format


Step 0: Use modern, standardized tools and techniques to make it easy for everyone to participate.

Step 1: Migrate the documentation content from the old (current) system to Sphinx, a modern documentation standard that uses plain text files with reStructuredText markup.

Step 2: Improve documentation by adding / rewriting examples and explanations and merging content of useful comments.


Currently, a recent HTML build can be found here as a temporary demo/ preview.