pygame-draw /

# module
# Requires Python 2.2 or better.

"""Provide helpful routines for interactive IO on the MSYS console"""

# Output needs to be flushed to be seen. It is especially important
# when prompting for user input.

import sys
import os

def raw_input_(prompt=None):
    """Prompt for user input in an MSYS console friendly way"""
    if prompt is None:
        prompt = ''
    print_(prompt, end='')
    return raw_input()

def print_(*args, **kwds):
    """Print arguments in an MSYS console friendly way

    Keyword arguments:
        file, sep, end

    stream = kwds.get('file', sys.stdout)
    sep = kwds.get('sep', ' ')
    end = kwds.get('end', '\n')

    if args:
        stream.write(sep.join([str(arg) for arg in args]))
    if end:
    except AttributeError:

def is_msys():
    """Return true if the execution environment is MSYS"""

        return os.environ['OSTYPE'] == 'msys'
    except KeyError:
        return 0
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