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jamwt from

It's a styles thing. Twisted is a very capable system, very well written, with all kinds of capabilities that diesel doesn't have and never will. So it's not a capabilities thing. It's written by a team of guys who are crazy smart, and who know async better than most people on the planet, me included. So it's not a competence thing. The performance difference between twisted and most other Python async libraries isn't going to be significant. We're all mostly benchmarking epoll or select or whathaveyou, plus a thin layer of frames to get from there to your application code. So it's really not a performance thing either, though hackers love to talk about this anyway. It's a style thing. Twisted doesn't feel "Pythonic" to me. It doesn't have that succinctness that makes you say "shit, I'm done already?" It's got lots of big-A architecture that's very Correct, but in practice, leaves you wondering why you're being burdened with it when that rainy day when it pays dividends never comes. Purity is allowed to triumph over practicality at every turn. That's one man's take. I don't claim it's the universal truth, and Twisted has many very happy users. But I suspect I'm not alone in this assessment. That being said, I will relish the day when someone can do _something_ in the Python async space and not immediately be thrust into the ring as the latest combatant in the twisted-vs-the-new-guy debate. New guys never stop coming, and that's a wonderful thing for the evolution of computing and programming.