Where am py?


whereampy is a terrible play on words (as in "Where am I?") created as an example utility to show off a simple setuptools/setup.py distribution package.

mkpkg is a small utlity that demonstrates how to use pkg_resources to load data files out of a package (instead of relying on __file__ or similar mechanisms).



Simply run whereampy from the command line and use the --help option for more information.


Assuming you have a src subdirectory in your home directory:

localhost:~$ mkpkg -s spam/spam

will create a directory spam containing a skeleton setup.py file as well as a subdirectory spam with an __init__.py file.

See mkpkg --help for more options.


  • 0.4 - Fixed setup.py issues
  • 0.3 - Added the --setup option to mkpkg
  • 0.2 - Unreleased tag that first added the mkpkg utility
  • 0.1 - Initial release of whereampy