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What is this?

Limovic (Lightweight Model-View-Controller Framework) is one of my approaches to provide a base technology to develop web applications.


You could visit my personal homepage at http://www.blurryroots.com which is build upon 'limovic'.


If you want to try limovic for yourself, just clone the repository and host the base folder via a webserver, which is capable of understanding .htaccess files as well as php files. You should now be able to see the 'Limovic Basic Setup' page.

Folder structure

  • app ( here you have all your controllers, models and views )
    • controllers
    • models
    • views
  • data ( here you can store data you want to load or query, but sould not be serve to the client directly )
  • libs ( here you can install different libraries you want to use on your project )
    • limovic
  • public ( this folder gets served )
    • css
    • js
    • gfx

How to create a new site?

Coming soon...


GPL Version 3