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Jochen Schramm  committed fdd49a7

Fix bug preventing communication over dbus

The different JUMMP applications communicate via dbus with each other, i.e.
JUMMP's core application and the index creator tool.
This communication was prevented by a null pointer exception caused by
a method call changing a returned config object.

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File jummp-plugins/jummp-plugin-dbus/src/groovy/net/biomodels/jummp/dbus/ApplicationDBusAdapterImpl.groovy

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     public Map<String, String> getJummpConfig() {
-        return (Map<String, String>)((ConfigObject)grailsApplication.config.get("jummp")).flatten();
+        return (Map<String, String>)((ConfigObject)grailsApplication.config.get("jummp"))
     public boolean isAuthenticated(String hash) {