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Issue #46 resolved

maximum number of managed MemPools

Sam Preston
created an issue

Currently a 64-bit bitmap (BitMap64 in types) is used to flag managed memory as used or unused. This means that there's a maximum of 64 MemPools that can be allocated. Since we're using managed memory frequently in our applications, this should be increased -- the space savings of using a bitmap structure isn't worth it anyway, so this should probably just be changed to a std::list or std::vector of booleans that can grow as necessary, and we can get rid of the BitMap32/BitMap64 types.

Comments (4)

  1. Jacob Hinkle

    Reviving this issue, since I think nikhil is running up against this in some large-scale 2D statistics code. We can still make it fast. I say we use a vector of bools that grows in increments of 128.

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