jqplot-smc / changes.txt

Fixed bug (issue #1 in tracker) where flat line data series (all x and/or y values are euqal)
or single value data series would crash.

Support for stacked line (a.k.a. area) and stacked bar (horizontal and vertical) charts.
Refactored barRenderer to use default shape and shadow renderers.
Added info (contacts & support information) page to web site.

This is a minor upgrade to docs and build only.  No functionality has changed.
Ant build script generates entire site, examples, tests and distribution.
Improvements to documentation.

New sprintf implementation from Ash Searle that implements %g.
Fix to sprintf e/f formats.
Created new format specifier, %p and %P to preserve significance.
Modified p/P format to better display larger numbers.
Fixed and simplified significant digits calculation for sprintf.
Added option to have cursor tooltip follow the mouse or not.
Added options to change size of highlight.
Updates to handle dates like '6-May-09'.
Mods to improve look of web site.
Updates to documentation.
Added license and copyright statement to source files.

Added rotated text support.  Uses native canvas text functionality in
browsers that support it or draws text on canvas with Hershey font
metrics for non-supporting browsers.
Removed lots of lint in js code.
Moved tick css from js code into css file.
Fix to tick positioning css.  y axis ticks were positioned to wrong side of axis div.
Refactored axis tick renderer instantiation into the axes renderers themselves.

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