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Google Groups Sync for Confluence

Welcome! Here is Quick Start Document to start using this plugin.

Simple Google Groups Sync plugin to Synchronize automatically or On-demand basis, your Google groups with Confluence groups.

This plugin provides:

  • Service Schedule within Confluence to sync mapped Google groups with Confluence Groups
  • Option to sync N google groups with single Jira group
  • Sync Run Console to sync On-demand basis
  • REST API to trigger to Sync from CLI


  • Does not support Google groups with domain
  • Does not support to Sync Confluence default groups
  • Max group member query range 0-1000


REST API to Sync Google Groups with Confluence groups

POST http://localhost:8090/rest/googlegroupsync/1.0/run/admin/sync

$ curl -u"admin:secret" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"googleGroup":\
"","confluenceGroup":"ila.esolution.admin.list"}' \
-XPOST http://localhost:8090/rest/googlegroupsync/1.0/run/admin/sync
{"message":"Successful. Fetch Size(1). Took 1.657 Seconds","status":0}