Lines printed by ConsoleDebugger should refer to the XmppClient "ID" they belong to

Issue #105 closed
Marc Philipp
created an issue

First of, thanks for creating such a great library! We've previously used Smack and are in the process of switching to Babbler now, in particular to get support for WebSockets!

One thing I noticed while using ConsoleDebugger: There's no way of knowing which stanza belongs to which XmppClient. Smack used "index numbers" for their debugging output, i.e. the first opened connection would get 0, the second 1 and so on. I didn't see an easy way to add this myself, thus this proposal.

Edit: A bit more context: We're using Babbler to write automated tests that involve multiple connections, e.g. to simulate sending a message from one user to another.

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