MUC service discovery cannot handle items with non-room JIDs

Issue #106 closed
Marc Philipp
created an issue

ejabberd returns IQ responses like the following when there is a large number of rooms:

<iq from='conf.capulet.lit' to='juliet@capulet.lit/balcony' id='some-id' type='result'>
    <query xmlns=''>
        <item jid='conference.localhost' node='emptyrooms' name='Empty Rooms' />
        <item jid='chamber@conf.capulet.lit' name='Some room (private, 1)' />

MultiUserChatManager passed every JID to a ChatRoom constructor which throws an exception for JIDs that do not contain a local part. Would it be possible to filter JIDs in MultiUserChatManager.discoverRooms before creating ChatRooms out of them?

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