EntitityCapabilities payload is not added to outgoing presence when presence have 'to' address

Issue #132 closed
Vitaly Takmazov created an issue

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  1. Christian Schudt repo owner

    Good question. This change dates back to 2014 (5abc5f1).

    I think the reason was, that Caps as well as Avatar Updates (XEP-0153) and Last Activitiy (XEP-0256) were included in Presences, which are used to join/leave a MUC room, which I considered undesirable.

    We could also check for the MUC extension in the presence, but this means we need the MUC dependencies/classes available in EntityCapsManager, which is currently not the case.

  2. Vitaly Takmazov reporter

    In case of ExternalComponent, presences are always have to address and this EntityCapsManager can not be used to attach capabilities when presences are generated on ExternalComponent side

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