Invalid code point bug

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Every time I try to run my program I get this error message, independent from wich Java version I use:

Exception in thread "main" rocks.xmpp.precis.InvalidCodePointException: Invalid code point at position 0: 0x200e
    at rocks.xmpp.precis.PrecisProfile.prepare(
    at rocks.xmpp.precis.UsernameProfile.prepare(
    at rocks.xmpp.precis.PrecisProfile.enforce(
    at rocks.xmpp.precis.UsernameProfile.enforce(
    at rocks.xmpp.addr.Jid.<init>(
    at rocks.xmpp.addr.Jid.withLocal(
    at rocks.xmpp.extensions.muc.ChatService.createRoom(
    at Main.main(

Is this a libary problem or am I just stupid and can't use this library?

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  1. Christian Schudt repo owner

    The exception should be pretty clear, isn't it?

    You are trying to create chat room with an invalid codepoint at character position 0, which is 0x200E (LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK).
    This code point is disallowed by the JID specification.

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