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What is ExtFX?

ExtFX is a lightweight project intended to provide additional controls and utility classes for JavaFX 2.2, brought into being and to date developed only by me ;-).

You can read more about this project on my blog.

The "Ext" in the name simply stands for "Extended" and is inspired by the JavaScript Framework ExtJS.

There are also some binary downloads and JavaDoc available in the downloads section.

New in version 0.3:

DateAxis and LogarithmicAxis!


Controls (extfx.scene.control)


Lets you chose a date from a calendar.



A view which represents the Java Calendar class.


A TextField-like control, which allows for numeric input and let's the user spin through numbers in a given interval, also known as NumericStepper.



Restricts the input on a text field by a maximal length and by regular expression, e.g. to allow only numeric input.


Enhances the the JavaFX TreeView with a setItems method, so that it can use an underlying data source, just as ListView or TableView.

Charts (extfx.scene.chart)


Lets you set a date as value for an axis on a XYChart.



Lets you set a logarithmic scale axis on a XYChart.


Animation (extfx.animation)

BackInterpolator, BounceInterpolator, ElasticInterpolator, ...

A bunch of popular interpolators to smooth your animations. They allow you to make your animations look elastic or bounce them etc...

Easing functions

Utility (extfx.util)


Constantly fires a button's ActionEvent, while it is armed in a periodically interval. It is used e.g. in NumberSpinner allowing the user to keep a button pressed in order to quickly increment the number.


The code is published under the MIT License. I basically want to provide the code "as is" and want to allow you to use and modify it.