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TumblrPicUploader - version: 1.0

Author: Mauro Scomparin <>
Website: Http://


TumblrPicUploader it's a python script (used python 2.7 with various libreries) to upload 
a folder of pictures up to a tumblr blog as a picture slideshow.

You need to install:
- python (2.7 at least... not tested under newer versions)
- oauth2 (to manage the oauth stuff)

basically if you need any other dependency (wierd errors on execution) you can use easy_install, get it with: 
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools

sudo easy_install <package-name>


python <command> ["<args>"]

command: upload|set|view|help

upload "<path>" "<tags>": upload pics
	<path> = the path to upload to the saved blog in the credentials.
	<tags> = comma separated tags.
	ex: $ python upload "/home/user/pics" "tag1,tag2,tag3"
set: set the user credentials 
	ex: $ python set

view: set the user credentials 
	ex: $ python view

many thanks to:
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