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Escape CC and LINK path names in the expected output to match path
names that contain regular expression characters (e.g. " (x86)").

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 CC = test.detect('CC', norm=1)
 CC_dir, CC_file = os.path.split(CC)
+CC = re.escape(CC)
 CC_dir = re.escape(os.path.normcase(CC_dir))
 CC_file = re.escape(CC_file)


 the default dblite module and default .dblite suffix work correctly.
+import re
 import TestSConsign
 test = TestSConsign.TestSConsign(match = TestSConsign.match_re)
 LINK = test.detect('LINK', norm=1)
 if LINK is None: LINK = CC
+CC = re.escape(CC)
+LINK = re.escape(LINK)
 test.subdir('sub1', 'sub2')
 # Note:  We don't use os.path.join() representations of the file names