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#!/usr/bin/env python
# A script that takes an scons-src-{version}.zip file, unwraps it in
# a temporary location, and calls runtest.py to execute one or more of
# its tests.
# The default is to download the latest scons-src archive from the SCons
# web site, and to execute all of the tests.
# With a little more work, this will become the basis of an automated
# testing and reporting system that anyone will be able to use to
# participate in testing SCons on their system and regularly reporting
# back the results.  A --xml option is a stab at gathering a lot of
# relevant information about the system, the Python version, etc.,
# so that problems on different platforms can be identified sooner.

import getopt
import imp
import os
import os.path
import sys
import tempfile
import time
import zipfile

    # try Python 3.x style
    from urllib.request import urlretrieve
except ImportError:
    # nope, must be 2.x; this hack is equivalent
    import imp
    # protect import from fixer
    urlretrieve = imp.load_module('urllib',

helpstr = """\
Usage: scons-test.py [-f zipfile] [-o outdir] [-v] [--xml] [runtest arguments]
  -f FILE                     Specify input .zip FILE name
  -o DIR, --out DIR           Change output directory name to DIR
  -v, --verbose               Print file names when extracting
  --xml                       XML output

opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:],
                           ['file=', 'out=', 'verbose', 'xml'])

format = None
outdir = None
printname = lambda x: x
inputfile = 'http://scons.sourceforge.net/scons-src-latest.zip'

for o, a in opts:
    if o == '-f' or o == '--file':
        inputfile = a
    elif o == '-o' or o == '--out':
        outdir = a
    elif o == '-v' or o == '--verbose':
        def printname(x):
            print x
    elif o == '--xml':
        format = o

startdir = os.getcwd()

tempfile.template = 'scons-test.'
tempdir = tempfile.mktemp()

if not os.path.exists(tempdir):
    def cleanup(tempdir=tempdir):
        import shutil
    sys.exitfunc = cleanup

# Fetch the input file if it happens to be across a network somewhere.
# Ohmigod, does Python make this simple...
inputfile, headers = urlretrieve(inputfile)

# Unzip the header file in the output directory.  We use our own code
# (lifted from scons-unzip.py) to make the output subdirectory name
# match the basename of the .zip file.
zf = zipfile.ZipFile(inputfile, 'r')

if outdir is None:
    name, _ = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(inputfile))
    outdir = os.path.join(tempdir, name)

def outname(n, outdir=outdir):
    l = []
    while True:
        n, tail = os.path.split(n)
        if not n:
    return os.path.join(*l)

for name in zf.namelist():
    dest = outname(name)
    dir = os.path.dirname(dest)
    # if the file exists, then delete it before writing
    # to it so that we don't end up trying to write to a symlink:
    if os.path.isfile(dest) or os.path.islink(dest):
    if not os.path.isdir(dest):
        open(dest, 'w').write(zf.read(name))


# Load (by hand) the SCons modules we just unwrapped so we can
# extract their version information.  Note that we have to override
# SCons.Script.main() with a do_nothing() function, because loading up
# the 'scons' script will actually try to execute SCons...
src_script = os.path.join(outdir, 'src', 'script')
src_engine = os.path.join(outdir, 'src', 'engine')
src_engine_SCons = os.path.join(src_engine, 'SCons')

fp, pname, desc = imp.find_module('SCons', [src_engine])
SCons = imp.load_module('SCons', fp, pname, desc)

fp, pname, desc = imp.find_module('Script', [src_engine_SCons])
SCons.Script = imp.load_module('Script', fp, pname, desc)

def do_nothing():
SCons.Script.main = do_nothing

fp, pname, desc = imp.find_module('scons', [src_script])
scons = imp.load_module('scons', fp, pname, desc)

# Default is to run all the tests by passing the -a flags to runtest.py.
if not args:
    runtest_args = '-a'
    runtest_args = ' '.join(args)

if format == '--xml':

    print "<scons_test_run>"
    print "  <sys>"
    sys_keys = ['byteorder', 'exec_prefix', 'executable', 'maxint', 'maxunicode', 'platform', 'prefix', 'version', 'version_info']
    for k in sys_keys:
        print "    <%s>%s</%s>" % (k, sys.__dict__[k], k)
    print "  </sys>"

    fmt = '%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y'
    print "  <time>"
    print "    <gmtime>%s</gmtime>" % time.strftime(fmt, time.gmtime())
    print "    <localtime>%s</localtime>" % time.strftime(fmt, time.localtime())
    print "  </time>"

    print "  <tempdir>%s</tempdir>" % tempdir

    def print_version_info(tag, module):
        print "    <%s>" % tag
        print "      <version>%s</version>" % module.__version__
        print "      <build>%s</build>" % module.__build__
        print "      <buildsys>%s</buildsys>" % module.__buildsys__
        print "      <date>%s</date>" % module.__date__
        print "      <developer>%s</developer>" % module.__developer__
        print "    </%s>" % tag

    print "  <scons>"
    print_version_info("script", scons)
    print_version_info("engine", SCons)
    print "  </scons>"

    environ_keys = [



    print "  <environment>"
    for key in sorted(environ_keys):
        value = os.environ.get(key)
        if value:
            print "    <variable>"
            print "      <name>%s</name>" % key
            print "      <value>%s</value>" % value
            print "    </variable>"
    print "  </environment>"

    command = '"%s" runtest.py -q -o - --xml %s' % (sys.executable, runtest_args)
    #print command
    print "</scons_test_run>"


    def print_version_info(tag, module):
        print "\t%s: v%s.%s, %s, by %s on %s" % (tag,

    print "SCons by Steven Knight et al.:"
    print_version_info("script", scons)
    print_version_info("engine", SCons)

    command = '"%s" runtest.py %s' % (sys.executable, runtest_args)
    #print command

# Local Variables:
# tab-width:4
# indent-tabs-mode:nil
# End:
# vim: set expandtab tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4: