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Fix ARGUMENTS specifications on the command line that have multiple = in them. (Zephaniah Hull)

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     of them from cache, not just the first target, and exec the build
     command if any of the targets isn't present in the cache.
+  From Zephaniah Hull:
+  - Fix command-line ARGUMENTS with multiple = in them.
   From Steven Knight:
   - Fix EnsureSConsVersion() so it checks against the SCons version,


 def _scons_add_args(alist):
     for arg in alist:
-        a, b = string.split(arg, '=', 2)
+        a, b = string.split(arg, '=', 1)
         Arguments[a] = b
 def _scons_add_targets(tlist):


 """)'a=1 bz=3 xx=sd .')'a=1 bz=3 xx=sd zzz=foo=bar .')
 test.fail_test('foo.out') != """a = 1
 bz = 3
 xx = sd
+zzz = foo=bar
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