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Merge pull request #80, Literal objects compare for equality

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File src/engine/SCons/

     def is_literal(self):
         return 1
+    def __eq__(self, other):
+        if not isinstance(other, Literal):
+            return False
+        return self.lstr == other.lstr
+    def __neq__(self, other):
+        return not self.__eq__(other)
 class SpecialAttrWrapper(object):
     """This is a wrapper for what we call a 'Node special attribute.'
     This is any of the attributes of a Node that we can reference from
     In practice, this might be a wash performance-wise, but it's a little
     cleaner conceptually...
     def __init__(self, list, func):
         self.list = list
         self.func = func
         self._create_nodelist = self._return_nodelist
         return self.nodelist
     _create_nodelist = _gen_nodelist
 class Targets_or_Sources(collections.UserList):
     """A class that implements $TARGETS or $SOURCES expansions by in turn
                             raise_exception(NameError(key), lvars['TARGETS'], s)
                             return ''
                     # Before re-expanding the result, handle
                     # recursive expansion by copying the local
                     # variable dictionary and overwriting a null