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minor cleanup
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File src/engine/SCons/

     def get_contents(self, target, source, env):
         result = [ self.get_presig(target, source, env) ]
-        def clean (u):
-            if isinstance (u, bytes):
-                return u
-            elif isinstance (u, str):
-                return bytes (u, 'utf-8')
-        result = [ clean(r) for r in result ]
+        result = [ SCons.Util.to_bytes(r) for r in result ]
         # This should never happen, as the Action() factory should wrap
         # the varlist, but just in case an action is created directly,
         # we duplicate this check here.

File src/engine/SCons/

 del __revision__
 def to_bytes (s):
-    if bytes is str:
+    if isinstance (s, bytes) or bytes is str:
         return s
         return bytes (s, 'utf-8')