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Convert old-style classes in bench/* scripts to new-style classes.

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 #       {'keyword' : 'arguments'},
 #   ),
-class A:
+class A(object):
 Data = [


 # These wrap the basic timeit function to make it a little more
 # convenient to do side-by-side tests of code.
-class Timing:
+class Timing(object):
     def __init__(self, name, num, init, statement):
         self.__timer = timeit.Timer(statement, init)
         self.__num   = num
 # After we're done should be the one that shows up at the top of the
 # list as we run our timings.
-class Environment:
+class Environment(object):
     _special_set = {
         'BUILDERS' : None,
         'SCANNERS' : None,


 #       {'keyword' : 'arguments'},
 #   ),
-class A:
+class A(object):
 Data = [
     import gc
 except ImportError:
-    class _fake_gc:
+    class _fake_gc(object):
         def isenabled(self):
             return None
         def enable(self):
     """Helper to reindent a multi-line statement."""
     return src.replace("\n", "\n" + " "*indent)
-class Timer:
+class Timer(object):
     """Class for timing execution speed of small code snippets.
     The constructor takes a statement to be timed, an additional
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