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Steven Knight  committed b9b3cbe

Another typo fix (cse => case) and clarification of why submitting a
test case is good.

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 even if you think it should be obvious
 how to test the patch.
 It might be clear to you while you're writing the code,
-but it might still take someone else 15 or more minutes
-of making sure they understand your intent.
-The point is you're trying to use your knowledge
-to save time during the integration process,
+but it will still take someone else time
+to make sure they understand your intent
+and work out the details of how to set up an appropriate case.
+The point is you're trying to use your existing knowledge
+of the bug being fixed or new feature being added
+to make the process of integrating your patch as
+simple and quick as possible,
 thereby increasing the chance of your patch making it
 into the SCons code base.
 well, you're still welcome to submit the code.
 Just be aware that the patch will likely stay
 in the queue until someone has time to reverse-engineer
-a test cse.
+a test case.