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David Rothenberger  committed c4b3106

Fix Libs/SharedLibraryIxes.py

Accommodate the renaming of libfoo shared libraries to cygfoo under

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File test/Libs/SharedLibraryIxes.py

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 import re
+import sys
 import TestSCons
 test = TestSCons.TestSCons()
 test.write('SConstruct', """
 import sys
+isCygwin = sys.platform == 'cygwin'
 isWindows = sys.platform == 'win32'
 isMingw = False
 if isWindows:
     return (source, libname)
 libmethods = [nodeInSrc, pathInSrc, nodeInLib, pathInLib]
-# We skip the nameInLib test for MinGW...it would fail, due to
+# We skip the nameInLib test for MinGW and Cygwin...they would fail, due to
 # the Tool's internal naming conventions
-if not isMingw:
+if not isMingw and not isCygwin:
 def buildAndlinkAgainst(builder, target, source,  method, lib, libname, **kw):
             if str(l)[-4:] == '.lib':
                 lib = [l]
-    # If we use MinGW and create a SharedLibrary, we get two targets: a DLL,
+    # If we use MinGW or Cygwin and create a SharedLibrary, we get two targets: a DLL,
     # and the import lib created by the "--out-implib" parameter. We always
     # want to link against the second one, in order to prevent naming issues
     # for the linker command line...
-    if isMingw and len(lib) > 1:
+    if (isMingw or isCygwin) and len(lib) > 1:
         lib = lib[1:]
     # Apply the naming method to be tested and call the specified Builder.
 expected = "goo.c\nfoo.c\nprog.c\n"
 for t in tests:
-    test.must_exist(t[1])
-    test.must_exist(t[2])
+    if sys.platform != 'cygwin':
+        test.must_exist(t[1])
+        test.must_exist(t[2])
+    else:
+        # Cygwin turns libFoo.xxx into cygFoo.xxx
+        for f in t[1:2]:
+            test.must_exist(re.sub('^lib', 'cyg', f))
     test.run(program = test.workpath(t[3]), stdout=expected)