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Add a script to rsync the Aegis repository to SourceForge

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+# Sync this directory tree with sourceforge.
+# Cribbed and modified from Peter Miller's same-named script in
+# /home/groups/a/ae/aegis/aegis at SourceForge.
+# Guide to what this does with rsync:
+#   --rsh=ssh          use ssh for the transfer
+#   -l                 copy symlinks as symlinks
+#   -p                 preserve permissions
+#   -r                 recursive
+#   -t                 preserve times
+#   -z                 compress data
+#   --stats            file transfer statistics
+#   --exclude          exclude files matching the pattern
+#   --delete           delete files that don't exist locally
+#   --delete-excluded  delete files that match the --exclude patterns
+#   --progress         show progress during the transfer
+#   -v                 verbose
+/usr/bin/rsync --rsh=ssh -l -p -r -t -z --stats \
+	--exclude build \
+	--exclude "*,D" \
+	--exclude "*.pyc" \
+	--exclude aegis.log \
+	--delete --delete-excluded \
+	--progress -v \
+	${LOCAL}/.${REMOTE}/.
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