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Richard Quirk  committed dea5840

Fix incorrect UserError usage

SCons.Errors.UserError has not been imported, so prior to this patch the
code would have caused a NameError.

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File src/engine/SCons/Action.py

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                  show=_null, execute=_null, chdir=_null, executor=None):
         act = self._generate(target, source, env, 0, executor)
         if act is None:
-            raise UserError("While building `%s': "
+            raise SCons.Errors.UserError("While building `%s': "
                             "Cannot deduce file extension from source files: %s"
                 % (repr(list(map(str, target))), repr(list(map(str, source)))))
         return act(target, source, env, exitstatfunc, presub,