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File src/engine/SCons/Tool/

                 return self
             # If that's an inner class which is declared in a method, it
             # requires an index prepended to the class-name, e.g.
-            # 'Foo$1Inner' (Tigris Issue 2087)
+            # 'Foo$1Inner'
+            #
             if self.outer_state.localClasses and \
                 self.outer_state.stackBrackets[-1] > \

File test/Depends/

 env.Depends(file1, [[file2, 'file3']])
 # Verify that a "hidden" file created by another action causes the
 # action to run when an explicit Dependency is specified.
-# See issue 2647.
+# See
 env.Depends('hidden', 'file4.out')
 env.Command('file4.out', '',
             [Copy('$TARGET', '$SOURCE'), Touch('hidden')])

File test/

 Test the Execute() functions clears the memoized values of affected target Nodes
-when used with Delete(). Derived from Tigris issue 1307.
+when used with Delete(). Derived from
 import TestSCons

File test/Fortran/

 # This test tests whether a file that defines a module "a" and
 # then uses it with a different case ("A") works.  Pre-2.0, this
-# gave a spurious dependency cycle error.  See Tigris issue #2574.
+# gave a spurious dependency cycle error.
+# See
 import TestSCons

File test/Libs/

 Test that SharedLibrary() updates when a different lib is linked, even if it has the same md5.
-This is Tigris bug #2903.
+This is
 import sys

File test/Scanner/

 Verify that a simple scanner that returns Dir nodes works correctly.
-Submitted as issue #2534.
+Submitted as
 import TestSCons

File test/VariantDir/

 was not the case for 0.98.5 and earlier)
 Test case supplied by Jared Grubb, based on a minimal example supplied
-by Ali Tofigh, filed as issue #2121 at
+by Ali Tofigh, filed as
 import TestSCons