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Diff from to


 try: WindowsError
 except NameError: WindowsError = OSError
-#    version = os.environ['SCONS_VERSION']
-#except KeyError:
-#    version = '__VERSION__'
-version = '0.96.92'
+import TestSCons
+version = TestSCons.TestSCons.scons_version
 scons_version = 'scons-%s' % version
-import TestSCons
 python = TestSCons.python
 class MyTestSCons(TestSCons.TestSCons):
     os.system("gunzip -c %s | tar xf -" % tar_gz)
 if not os.path.isdir(scons_version):
-    print "Found neither SCons package `%s' nor `%s'." % (tar_gz, zip)
-    print "Cannot test package installation."
+    print "Cannot test package installation, found none of the following packages:"
+    print "\t" + tar_gz
+    print "\t" + zip
 # Verify that a virgin installation installs the version library,
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