SCons / test /

Diff from to


+old_SCons_Script_variables = [
+    'PrintHelp',
+    'OptParser',
+    'keep_going_on_error',
+    'print_explanations',
+    'print_includes',
+    'print_objects',
+    'print_time',
+    'memory_stats',
+    'ignore_errors',
+    'repositories',
+    'print_dtree',
+    'print_tree',
+    'sconscript_time',
+    'command_time',
+    'exit_status',
+    'profiling',
+for var in old_SCons_Script_variables:
+    try:
+        getattr(SCons.Script, var)
+    except AttributeError:
+        pass
+    else:
+        raise Exception, "unexpected variable SCons.Script.%s" % var
 test.write("", """\
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