SCons / test /

Diff from to


 import TestSCons
 import string
 import sys
-python = TestSCons.python
+_python_ = TestSCons._python_
 _exe = TestSCons._exe
 _dll = TestSCons._dll
 dll_ = TestSCons.dll_
 /* cpp file 2 */
+mygcc_py = test.workpath('gnutools','')
+mygxx_py = test.workpath('gnutools','')
 test.write(['work1', 'SConstruct'],"""
 env = Environment(tools=['gcc','g++','gnulink'],
-                  CC=r'%s %s',
-                  CXX=r'%s %s',
+                  CC=r'%(_python_)s %(mygcc_py)s',
+                  CXX=r'%(_python_)s %(mygxx_py)s',
 env.Program('c-only', Split('cfile1.c cfile2.c'))
 env.SharedLibrary('c-only', Split('cfile1.c cfile2.c'))
 env.SharedLibrary('cpp-only', Split('cppfile1.cpp cppfile2.cpp'))
 env.SharedLibrary('c-and-cpp', Split('cfile1.c cppfile1.cpp'))
-""" % (python, test.workpath('gnutools',''),
-       python, test.workpath('gnutools','')))
+""" % locals())'work1')
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