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Diff from to


+expect1 = "scons: Could not remove 'foo1.out': Permission denied\n"
+expect2 = "scons: Could not remove 'foo1.out': The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process\n"
+expect = [
+    test.wrap_stdout(expect1, cleaning=1),
+    test.wrap_stdout(expect2, cleaning=1),
 test.writable('.', 0)
 f = open(test.workpath('foo1.out')) = '-c foo1.out',
-         stdout = test.wrap_stdout("scons: Could not remove 'foo1.out': Permission denied\n", cleaning=1)) = '-c foo1.out')
+stdout = test.stdout()
+matched = None
+for e in expect:
+    if stdout == e:
+        matched = 1
+        break
+if not matched:
+    print stdout
+    test.fail_test()
 test.writable('.', 1)
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