SCons / test /

Diff from to


 __revision__ = "__FILE__ __REVISION__ __DATE__ __DEVELOPER__"
-import string
 import TestSCons
 _python_ = TestSCons._python_
 file_names = []
 for fn in attempt_file_names:
-        in_name = string.replace(fn, '$$', '$') + '.in'
+        in_name = fn.replace('$$', '$') + '.in'
         test.write(in_name, fn + '\n')
     except IOError:
 def buildFileStr(fn):
     return "env.Build(source=r\"\"\"\"\"\", target=r\"\"\"%s.out\"\"\")" % ( fn, fn )
-xxx =  string.join(map(buildFileStr, file_names), '\n')
+xxx = '\n'.join(map(buildFileStr, file_names))
 test.write("SConstruct", """
 env=Environment(BUILDERS = {'Build' : Builder(action = '%(_python_)s $TARGET $SOURCE')})'.')
 for fn in file_names:
-    out_name = string.replace(fn, '$$', '$') + '.out'
+    out_name = fn.replace('$$', '$') + '.out'
     test.fail_test( != fn + '\n')
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